Your Health and Well Being

We pride ourselves on being a good employer with great support for employee well-being and health as well as health care expenses. Fostering well-being will not only improve your health but also bring about more benefits to the company such as productivity and a sustainable and consistent performance   

To promote the mental health and well-being of our employees, there are lots of activities that take place inside and outside the workplace. Two of the most significant well-being projects we have are the wellness workshops and the 1-1 talks on the daily weekend. You can discuss some fascinating topics together or come to talk with our Employee Wellness Coach in order to find appropriate solutions to your personal issues. 

This package includes annual health check-ups and treatment coverage during the time you work at DataHouse Asia. The budget for these purposes is up to 100 million per year, and you can easily get reimbursed for health coverage within a week after submitting invoices and relevant documents to the company. 

Apart from the standard 12 annual leave, you are also provided with 1 day off every quarter of each year to spend quality time with your beloved family. We called it “DHA Family Holidays”.  

And if you work and go along with us for the long term, additional paid days off will be given to you for your work-life balance.