Your Fun at Work

A key element of our employees’ happiness is the fun at work, which helps them to become healthier, more inspired, productive and satisfied with their job. And with the vibe “Work Hard, Play Harder”, DataHouse Asia could be a place for you to find a professional working environment with many laughs and happy times. 

Are you always hungry? Let’s join our tea-break time! Our pantry has a huge number of foods and beverages for your stomach, such as fruits, snacks, ice cream, soda or even instant noodles, and so on.  


We give at least two outing days to our members each year. It is mainly the time for people to talk and play together after hard-working hours in front of the computers.  

You can review and get valuable feedback from our colleagues in our internal events such as We Care at the of each quarter or Year-end party which help you to wrap up your work.  

After an 8-hour working day, we also have some sports clubs for staff to play in and relax together. We believe that DataHouse Asia is not a place for work, but it is also a networking area.  

We prepare and give many lovely presents to you and even your children (if you are married) on special days such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, Tet Holiday and so on.