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What we do to adapt to the uncomfortable situation

What is the uncomfortable situation we are talking about here? You need to wear a mask every time you go out, clean your hands often, avoid the crowd and stay home, etc. Moreover, the world’s health and economics will keep being threaten, then more and more people will suffer if we don’t control it properly.

Yes, you guess it right, we are mentioning about the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the novel corona virus has affected tremendously across the globe and put challenges into businesses, employees benefits such as more vacation and paid time off, modern office facilities, or gym membership may not be suitable.

Health Care Program

Beginning of July 2020, we innovated a healthcare program for our members to take better care of them and also adapt with the recent situation.

A reasonable amount of budget is spared to spent on employees’ treatment, including in- and out-patient, and it works as First come, First served.

One of the biggest advantages about this employee-sponsored coverage lies on a very simple claim process and quick to get a refund back.

Another appealing thing about our healthcare program is that it does not have an elimination period. Isn’t that so great? Let say ‘bye-bye’ to 30-365 frustrating days of waiting for the insurer to pay your benefit payments 🖐 Hooray!

I am happy with DataHouse Asia’s claim process. I think it is very clear and fast!

Chung Than, Software Tester

Work From Home Team Building Games

This year of 2020, the pandemic has changed a lot of how we interact socially, and especially at work too. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus diseases and for the safety of our members, DataHouse Asia-ers have been working from home since the Government enacted social distancing in Danang, Vietnam.

Ever since, our leadership team and HR dept. have invested in many different ways to keep our employees engaged despite of being apart by the distance. Why is it so crucial to us? Remember, “Out of sigh, out of mind”, it is possible that the physical distance of remote work can turn into emotional distance, which leads your teammates to feel isolated and they won’t be comfortable working alongside their fellow team members!

Taking part in virtual games together will help your team achieve deeper bonds together, and as a result, contributes to a friendly and supporting teamwork environment.

Do you agree with us?

Bingo games may be familiar to many people; however, do you know how to play WFH Bingo Challenge like the way DataHouse Asia members do? We have innovated the game by creating interactive and fascinating activities into the board and require it to be completed by teamwork. In that way, we encourage our colleagues to communicate and coordinate more with the others in order to complete the Bingo challenge.

From the classic of “show us your working desks”

To this cheesy forming a heart shape via a conference call

Speaking a different foreign language like a piece of cake

We’re doing it pretty well, aren’t we?

How do you like our team spirit while working remotely? Do you have any useful tips for distant workers? Please share with us!

If you’re keen on joining DataHouse Asia, please check out our openings at Work With Us!

Mahalo, we wish you and your beloved ones always safe and healthy

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