Life At DataHouse Asia

Working From Home Diary

The pandemic is revolutionizing the workplace. Teams are completely changing the way they are communicating and working. Keeping remote members feeling connected is critical to our team.

Bingo Challenge

Bingo is a fun game we play to engage remote workers. Start with a bingo board that has a number of action items or accomplishments on it. For example, when your team has finished a minute plank you can mark that spot off on your board, and similar for sing a song together.

#1 Cow-face pose

This exercise brings awareness to patterns of breath and facilitates subtle movement in your shoulders, arms. Sounds interesting? Try to do a Cow-face pose with us!

#2 Drink a glass of milk and bottom-up

During a long working day, let’s see how team #1 recharged their battery!

#3 Have a team lunch together

This moment was captured on the very last day before social distancing happens in Vietnam. See how enjoyable team #4 was when having lunch together. One plus point: No plastic box and bags for the food. It’s environment friendly, well-done team!

#4 Do origami

When was the last time you do origami?

We had a great time reminiscing our childhood games and showed our creativity. Which team do think they did the best in this challenge?

#5 Do 10 Push-ups

Surely, our team would not be fat though we’re working from home. Life is like a push up the more you face ups and downs the more you will get stronger.

#6 Plank for 1 minute

One perk of working from home is your children could enjoy every challenge with you!

#7 Working desk from home

Team painting

Challenge 3: Team painting to bring positive messages about world safety & healthy due to COVID -19

When our team is not in the same room together, we take a different approach to build our company culture!

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