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WeCode: An intense 36-hour internal coding contest filled with competitiveness and fun!

As a company that strives to be future-ready, DataHouse Asia understands the importance of constantly challenging the status quo. To put this idea into practice, a coding contest called WeCode was held from the 8th to the 9th of January 2022 at the DataHouse Tech Arena. This initiative aimed to help DataHouse Asia’s development team meld technical skills with creative ideas in order to construct an innovative and exemplary digital solution. Apart from the primary focus on the competitive coding aspect like other coding contests, WeCode also blended in fun activities that create a positive, collaborative ambiance. 

Together we code  

WeCode is a 36-hour event where our software engineers, UI/UX designers, testers, project managers, business analysts, and all other innovators meet to design, code, and build innovative solutions to a business problem. It is meant to stoke creativity, accelerate problem-solving skills, encourage learning and sharing among employees and especially bring all people together at one time in one place. The event is definitely an extension to promote a “maker” culture at DataHouse Asia which creates the right sense of urgency that breeds results.  

“We believe that stirring up our team members’ imaginations in a highly collaborative setting gives them a greater sense of purpose and connection not only to DataHouse Asia and its mission to contribute to the community.”

Trinh Dang, Chief Technology Officer – DataHouse Asia 

Together we solve  

There are a variety of coding contests that focus specifically on specific programming domains such as languages, frameworks, and application types. Similarly, WeCode set some ground rules and a mission for the participants to solve. A total of 26 participants were divided into 3 teams in which the composition of the team mimics the fully functional project team such as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Quality Check, UI/UX designer, and Developer. The mission was to create a new Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that powers the users to create a professional profile, find better job opportunities, and manage recruitment. For more information about the mission and many more activities covered during the event, please visit WeCode website. 

Together we deliver

On the 23rd of January 2022, the winner of the WeCode was announced by our line-up of experts who had evaluated the deliverables across teams. The team led by Thu Bui, Business Analyst at DataHouse Asia, was awarded as the best of the best teams participating in the WeCode. The winning team has developed a solution targeted for professional networking and career development. The solution created serves as a platform for employers to list job vacancies and for job seekers to promote their profiles, which is commonly known as the Application Tracking System (ATS). One of the unique features offered was the integration of the solution with the user’s LinkedIn profile. This feature allows users to automatically transfer the detail on their LinkedIn profile to their profile in the ATS platform. Ultimately, users are also able to select which details on their LinkedIn profile they would like to bring across. These features have definitely brought automation and integration to the next level with keeping user experience as the most important baseline of the development process. Overall, the solution was designed for multiple environments (web-based and mobile) and built from an advanced technology stack comprised of React, PostgreSQL, ExpressJS, and Firebase.

“Despite the challenging requirement for the judges, we were all aware that WeCode was organized for us to chill and play around the scope of software development. This initiative has successfully made us fall deeper in love with it. Most importantly, the event provided us a chance to engage with team members that worked at different projects, which added to the fun part of the program.”

Thu Bui, Business Analyst at DataHouse Asia

Well done, team! Now, we are inviting you to check out our team’s competencies here, and do not hesitate to reach us to learn more about how we can help your business grow.