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Top 7 IoT Projects Worth Checking Out

As an IT company, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of our areas of interest – a new predominant technology for this advanced world. In the Smart City Tech Seminar in November, it was our honor to together with Korean companies shared about this technology, which can change the lifestyle people lead for example: optimizing traffic flows in real-time, reducing energy consumption, using predictive policing, detecting alterations in air and water quality, automating waste management, and allowing cities to function more efficiently.

The question is what the Internet of Things is? IoT can be described as a network of physical objects connected through the internet. Physical objects could be anything that contains embedded electronics, software, sensor, etc. with the internet.

  1. Touch-Based Home Automation System
  2. Smart Garage Door
  3. IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System
  4. Smart Parking System
  5. IoT Based Health Monitoring System
  6. IoT Based Traffic Management System
  7. IoT Based Baby Monitoring System

Touch-Based Home Automation SystemSmart

The Internet of things concept works with almost every machine. But when this is all about our home appliances, IoT proposes a smart, automated system. Using IoT based automation system users can control home stuff anywhere from the world.

In this article, we are talking about a touch-based home automation system based on a microcontroller. It contains WIFI, inbuilt touch sensing input pins, which makes it helpful to make IoT based projects like this.

Important Features

  • Adruino and ESP-32 microcontroller used in this project.
  • User needs a smartphone or touchpad to control home kinds of stuff.
  • Setup of ESP-32 in Adruino IDE.
  • Minimum programming knowledge is needed.

Smart Garage Door

Days of that bulky electronic key has gone. These days you can use your smartphone or tablet computer to open your garage replacing that clicker. Not only monitoring with a smartphone is the feature of a smart garage door using laser and voice command is an addition. Smart notification in run time gives an alert when it close or opened that is very much helpful for busy families.

Important Features

  • Users can add IFTT integration that can create custom commands for google assistants.
  • IoT based garage door increases the security of home.
  • This internet of things example is easy to setup.
  • Flask web server used in Raspberry PI to control the garage door.

IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System

It is essential today to use a mechanism to measure air pollution in an area. Research on IoT projects brings a solution. Newly discovered IoT devices can monitor air pollution and save data to the web servers.

IoT project ideas like air pollution meter bring a solution to the existing problems like previous air pollution meter was out of memory after some time. But IoT device uses the internet and saves data to the remote web server it has now become so easy to get a log of data within an area for specific days.

Important Features

  • This internet of things example can also detect flammable gas leaks.
  • Particle matter detector, gas sensor, temperature, and humidity sensor are used.
  • This type of project built based on Arduino Uno.
  • Very helpful to detect air pollution close to the hospital or school.
  • This project is cost-efficient.

Smart Parking System

Finding parking space is a problem for the driver. Sometimes it kills a lot of time for drivers to find a parking space. IoT based project smart parking system brings a solution. A major purpose of this project is to avoid unnecessary traveling by a driver for the parking area. Monitoring the whole area at the run time gives the driver an image of the entire parking area, and the user can select that free parking space.

Important Features

  • Daily life problem solution by IoT based ideas.
  • It uses an IR sensor for detecting free parking space.
  • Illegal parking can be reduced with this internet of things example.
  • This IoT based project is built on the Arduino board.
  • The infrared proximity sensor can be used for finding space.

IoT Based Health Monitoring System

Health is the most valuable treasure of human life. With the course of time the life of people becoming so stressful that we are giving less care to our health. People are hardly going for a checkup. IoT projects like health monitoring systems can make a solution here with the devices that monitor our health regularly and send data to the doctor.

The doctor can check the current situation at any time and anywhere from the world. It is possible that sensors in the body of the patient can estimate blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeat and immediately alarm the doctor if it is higher than normal.

Important Features

  • Adruino will generate the output.
  • The doctor can check the current condition of the patient using his smartphone.
  • Use of firebase for run-time data.
  • Communication between Adruino and android app needed.
  • This internet of things example uses Bluetooth technology.

IoT Based Traffic Management System

Almost every metropolitan city faces traffic problems. As the population is increasing day by day, the necessity of a smart traffic management system is undeniable. IoT based projects like smart traffic management systems can reduce traffic problems. Sometimes it is difficult for the ambulance to cross the traffic.

Counting the advantage of an ambulance, this management system connects with the ambulance driver and helps to find the signal where traffic flow can be controlled dynamically. This internet of things example also monitors traffic rules violators.

Important Features

  • Finding an emergency path for an emergency situation is easy.
  • This IoT project can be used anywhere.
  • Can identify traffic violators at night.
  • It shows green light only for an ambulance, fire truck, or emergency vehicle.

IoT Based Baby Monitoring System

The idea is of the smart cradle system that will help parents to monitor their infant child from a remote place. This idea comes up with a cry detecting mechanism, Live video surveillance, cloud computing data, and user interface as a mobile or web version. Different sensors attached to a cradle will check the humidity or temperature of the bed.

A surveillance camera on cradle will always send footage of the main IoT program. All the data will be stored in the cloud. Based on that data, a health algorithm will always check the condition of that infant and alarm parents if any unwanted situation appeared.

Important Features

  • This project will reduce the pressure of parents from monitoring infant children.
  • This is a Raspberry Pi-based project.
  • Software language could be Python.
  • Instant app notification system.
  • Analysis sound of baby and alert parents.

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