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“They said it couldn’t be done!”

How our team made the very first in-person, 3-day event happen during the pandemic?

As communities yearn to return to normal, leaders are looking for solutions to resume social gatherings safely. In partnering with DataHouse US, the LumiSight team at DataHouse Asia has developed a significant application that helps organizations reopen their concert halls and event rooms so that people can gather and feel connected again. We call it ‘LumiSight Event’.

We spoke to Mr. Ky Pham, the Project Manager of LumiSight at DataHouse Asia to hear from him how the team helped to manage the first in-person event in Los Angeles since the pandemic, using ‘LumiSight Event’.

By using the application, attendees can quickly register for an event, load their COVID-19 vaccine information, and bring confirmation QR codes to the entrance. Screeners scan the QR codes and quickly validate the attendees’ information before entry. Admins can track and monitor event information securely.

The Need

We needed to develop a product to support and organized, a 3-day event, with nearly 1000 attendants. There were strict rules and conditions to assure the safety of everyone and our LumiSight system needed to facilitate all of those conditions comprehensively in a very short timeframe. The application needed to have the features to verify the guests’ COVID-19 vaccinations, manage screening and boost confidence in people being comfortable coming back to sit in live audiences again.

The initial, real challenge to tackle was that there were a lot of people that either only conducted testing or only vaccine validation. We needed to investigate how to provide both, in concert at the same time, and develop a system to deal with both testing and vaccine validation in a space that was as safe as possible. And maintain a high level of privacy and thorough verification done through the platform.  

The Solution

We provided a multi-component easy to manage solution for attendees and event organizers. Some of the key components of the solution include:

  • A web application for attendants to register for the event and receive a check-in badge / Green code
  • A web admin component for the event organizers and partners to screen and review the information submitted by the attendees in quick and easy-to-follow steps.
  • A Screener tool for the Testing partner to quickly check-in and update test result for Participant who needs quick test
  • An automatic check-in tool to check-in Participants with a Green code

Conference attendees were able to either schedule a test, which could then be conducted onsite in around10 minutes, or prove vaccination validation by filling out relevant information provided at the LumiSight event.

The Result

“They said it couldn’t be done” announced during the opening remarks of Production Live! – The very first in-person 3-day event in LA, in fact, was done! The event attracted more than 800 attendants with 150+ tests taken and 600+ vaccination registers. 

Our ‘One Team Spirit’ helps us achieve outcomes that matter

Initially, it was very challenging for everyone involved, from the development to the on-site operation team, everyone faced challenges. The event date was fixed and we had a really short runway to launch this solution. Many small mistakes could’ve generated a massive issue for the attendants and organizers. But we did it! It was our great ‘One Team Spirit that made this happen successfully.

At the end of the day, we achieve fulfillment from building something that lasts, and achieving outcomes that matter and bring a positive impact to society.

They said it couldn’t be done

Ready to host an in-person event?

LumiSight Event simplifies event and screening management and makes it possible to welcome back audiences to your performances and gatherings.

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