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The Road to Low-Code

Last weekend, Open Day: The Road to Low-Code event was more successful than expected. It’s such a great chance to obtain a thorough knowledge of Low-Code Platforms, understand the way DataHouse Asia is applying low-code development in real projects, and explore job opportunities at DataHouse Asia.
With the presence of two superb women at DataHouse Asia – Ms. Minh Nguyen, a professional Project Manager, and Ms. Nicky Ngo, a skillful Salesforce Architect, you will have a good chance to know more about what Low-Code is and how important of Low-Code Development is to the IT industry.

The next esteemed speaker was Mr. Thang Hoang – a professional Service Delivery Manager and an inspiring leader at DataHouse Asia will give us a clearer overview of business opportunities in Low-Code projects. From that, there will be some goals and strategies mentioned in this part in order to show up career advancement when joining the Low-Code field.

DataHouse Tech Arena Office Discovery

After two main topics were delivered, we provided an inclusive office tour to out guests who go to discover every corner of DataHouse Tech Arean

Time to connect

As previously mentioned, the main purpose of this event was to provide valuable insights into low-code platforms. We ended the Open Day by having a panel discussion between speakers and guests. Some of the guests left us with many interesting questions and were able to receive direct answers from our panel.  

Thank you for making this Open Day: The Road to Low-Code even more special with your presence !