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We all love the joyous season at DataHouse Asia

Each year we try to have something memorable for the employees. In this challenging year, DataHouse Asia has doubled members. It was first stared with 25 new pretty faces, now 50 way-more-than-colleagues gathered in this special time of the year. So we were delighted to double cheering our holiday.

“We had an exceptional year and we wanted to have a nice celebration of our appreciation of the wonderful people we have working with.”

We started with the appreciation message from our servant leader- Huy Nguyen.

Then we enjoyed the classic Xmas Eve with Santa Claus’s visit, little music, Christmas socks and cards. Once dessert had finished, we stood around talking in different social circles, holding our beautifully wrapped gifts. We felt the Christmas spirit at DataHouse Asia. These Xmas Eve vibes have infused in all our office corners. It was warm, it was friendly, it was Christmas.

DataHouse Asia thrived and successfully delivered our products on time, on quality because of their sincere dedication. Celebrating this festive season with sweetness, cosiness, and happiness, we hope we could make up for other joyous time this year of our employees. We believe: “If you give a little extra in December, your employees will give a little extra for the other 11 months.”

For the last words, DataHouse Asia would love to express our appreciation for this tremendous effort and wish our members a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous 2021.

The momentum of the holiday celebrations is here. Let’s review our perfect season, see how did we reach out to others when laughter and good tidings are in the air.🎄

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