“My company – where I love meeting people every day. I really do enjoy helping others. Where I have learned a lot about working with different types of customers. My company always take care people, especially in the Covid situation.”


“DHA has given me the great opportunities to learn, grow up and achieve my career goals. Such a good company with cool people, impressive company culture where you can do what you love and feel appreciated for your contribution!


“I feel proud to be a part of DHA family. I love being here because most of the things belonged to this place: people, my carrier path, culture, etc. Until now, DHA is a highlight in the journey of my youth, my career and I believe that I will try my best to be a core piece of this family …”


“DataHouse Asia has been building & maintaining an innovative young environment where people have facilities to develop their abilities & potentials on a solid foundation of Core Values & Culture, where Courage, Kindness & Teamwork are essential pillars.”


“Good environment for improving our-self day by day to Work hard, Play harder; Great support from teammates and leaders.”


“To me DataHouse Asia is a highly professional working environment, filled with young and passionate employees. At DataHouse Asia one will feel appreciated, well taken care of, and is encouraged to move further career development.”


“For me, there are some things to talk about our company. First, they care about their employees by any means. Second, they give young people like me opportunities to prove themselves and learn from other colleagues. Third, our working environment is fresh and fun. Last but not least, my hard work has been recognized …”


“Starting to work at DHA as a junior software engineer, I have learned a lot from everyone, especially the team leader. One of my favorites is hanging out with people. It’s really fun, happy and cold. Everyone at DHA is very friendly, funny, kind, and always ready to help others. I am very proud to be a member of DHA …”


“My first impression is the supportiveness of all the colleagues. Of course, my contributions are recognized and rewarded. Moreover, we have a dedicated Caring Manager who not only cares about work but also cares my happiness at work and work life balance.
To conclude, DHA is a second home.”


“I am part of the DHA team as a Business Development Executive, which allows me to work with many people from whom I can gain insights and eventually tap into a variety of business essentials.”


“It’s not a place, it’s a house. I had great time to work with dynamic and funny atmosphere where I belong to. Besides, I have great opportunities to collect my certificates with unlimited learning budget such as Salesforce, AWS clouds, C#, C++, SQL, which can level up my career job in excess …”


“From being an intern to becoming an official team member at DataHouse Asia is one of my most important milestones. I’m always grateful to have the chance to work in a people-oriented culture. At DHA, I feel respected, inspired, and motivated to improve my day-to-day work.”