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TechShare#3: Steps in Salesforce Career in a view

The TechShare#3 focused on “Steps in Salesforce Career” with 2 main topics coming from 2 keynote speakers. Even you don’t have a technical background, the topic from Salesforce Consultant is definitely for you and obviously, you don’t want to miss the topic spoken by Salesforce  Architect if you are a real techy.

#1 Topic | Switching Non-IT Background to Salesforce Business Consultant


Our first guest speaker, Ms. Ngoc Tran – an experienced Salesforce Business Consultant shared more about The Right Fit and Learning path for Non-IT Folk. The sharing session brings useful information to people who come from Non-Technical backgrounds but are interested in Salesforce. 

Find out the record here to get insights into How Ms. Ngoc found her destiny on Salesforce Career Path.

In the topic, Ngoc also mentioned Salesforce Community is one of the very first steps that enable her to get success on Salesforce’s journey. The Salesforce Hub was born to build a large network for those who might have a similar level of Salesforce experience but come from a wide range of backgrounds. It’s a place to ask more Salesforce Business Opportunities and explore diverse resources on topics that matter to you. Join Danang Salesforce Community to get updated all the news related to the Salesforce Career Path.

To get in touch with Ms. Ngoc Tran, you can reach out to her on Linkedin

#2 Topic | Understanding the Salesforce Ecosystem and Its Potential



Next up, we had Mr. Hung Vu- Salesforce Technical Architect. Focusing more one the Salesforce Ecosystem and Its Potential. Mr. Hung talked about the definition and the role of Salesforce in detail and he also tried a demo to show how he applies Salesforce without coding in a short time. Find out more in the record below

You can reach out to Mr. Hung Vu on Linkedin

Q&A Sections and Awesome gifts to the winner



During the break time of event, we also held a virtual game for attendees to have fun together and received big gifts from DataHouse Technology Vietnam. The gifts were delivered to the winner of the game.

We’d like to take the time to thank every one of our members, friends, attendees, and speakers who made this year’s great event, packed with so much knowledge. We have plenty more exciting events coming your way this year, so keep an eye out on our social media channels for more information!

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