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Techshare#1 Highlights

It all started with our belief that “Sharing is caring”, the #1 Techshare was born. We host the event for all techies in town to acquire tech knowledge and thrive in their careers. On October 21st, the first event – Techshare has welcomed 20+ talented software engineers, business analysts, and project managers in Danang to DataHouse office.

#1 The first session was ERP – CRM Platforms Grasp Workshop brought to us by Nicky Ngo

An experienced software engineer, Nicky has worked across multiple software platforms in both SMEs and big corporates for more than six years of her career.

For Nicky, software quality and customer satisfaction are on her top priority which makes her a true fan of CRM and ERP software.

With the analysis, design, and development of cloud applications and services as her core, Nicky will share her expertise and knowledge of the most powerful cloud-based CRM solutions on the market: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Fusion. The tech skills are in top IT job for a bright career prospect.

Of course, not only the theories, her workshop includes the demonstration of on-hand sample projects at DataHouse and many fun games that help you “learning by playing”.

Salesforce demonstration
Oracle Fusion Financial Cloud

#2 Coming up next was GO Programming Language by Steven Snowball – One of the most exciting sessions for software engineers

Why? Nothing makes a developer crazy than a new programming language!

About Steven, loves tech and lives in the United Kingdom.

In his professional life, Steven is a true Technical Data Analyst. After nearly 10 years responsible for managing the master data set, developing reports, and troubleshooting data issues and deep understanding of the popular data analysis tools and databases.

Go provides you high performance like C/C++, super-efficient concurrency handling like Java and fun to code like Python/Perl.

#3 Company Sharing by Huy Nguyen – Servant Leader of DataHouse

While leading software companies and making positive contributions together with his team on a global scale, he has received these awards:

• Best Alumni Business Award organized by Benelux Vietnam in 2016
• Top 10 Software Providers from the center of Vietnam in 2017
• Best Alumni Business Award organized by EuroCham Vietnam in 2018

From the heart of technology, Huy started his first steps in the Netherlands and decided to establish a second start-up in his beloved hometown, Danang.

Tea break is a great time for us to join networking and get in tech discussion with the attendees. Your health is important too, so fruits and warm tea were served along with coffee and cake on the Saturday rainy morning.

#4 We saved the best for the last…

2019 has been a great year to us with many milestones marking our growth, from the 1st engineer on 19/1/2019 to a team of 30 passionate techies. Let’s discover what makes people walk with us in their footprint careers?

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