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A New Website for Career Advancement

Aloha! How are you doing today?  Just take a rest, and let’s visit our new dream releasing for career advancement and employee benefits at DataHouse Asia here: Aloha 1975 is a signal for our stable growth and intensive care to all stakeholders of the company from the very first starting days. We would like […]

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ICT Danang pays a visit to our company – DataHouse

In recent years, mobile app development in Danang has been experiencing explosive growths which attract many international companies to choose Danang as an IT outsourcing destination. And the Information and Communication Technologies Department of Danang, along with software companies play a crucial role in facilitating rapid local economic growth and development through the appropriate applications. […]

DataHouse Asia News

Techshare#1 Highlights

It all started with our belief that “Sharing is caring”, the #1 Techshare was born. We host the event for all techies in town to acquire tech knowledge and thrive in their careers. On October 21st, the first event – Techshare has welcomed 20+ talented software engineers, business analysts, and project managers in Danang to […]


How to Enhance Aesthetics and Beauty In Our Daily life

Design professionals need to constantly innovate and strive for perfection. Innovation or perfectionism isn’t enough for a good design. It requires a burst of creativity and an appreciation for what is considered aesthetic. However, developing a sense of aesthetics cannot be taught in schools or training programs. It is something that a person cultivates over […]


3 Tips Programmers Can Improve Their Communication Skills

Interpersonally skills are definitely among the soft skills that developers need to have. So, let’s get to it! Here are 3 tips developers can improve their communication skills: #1: Practice Reflective Listening #2: Be Prepared #3: Know Your Audience Reflective listening is a communication strategy involving two key steps: seeking to understand a speaker’s idea, then offering […]