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Sushi’s Land and their Visits

Most of us know the birthplace of Sushi. Nowadays, you can easily find Sushi restaurants in Vietnam. So what is Vietnamese famous dish compared to Sushi? It is called: Phở.


As the third-largest foreign investor, Japan has 1,578 companies are operating in Vietnam. With a pledge to invest over US$42bn, they are currently involved in more than 3,000 projects across the country. Since our last meet-up with Japanese companies in June, we have received many visits from Japanese companies who are interested in opening their development centers and/or collaborating with local offshore software engineering companies in Danang (and Vietnam)

What are their most interests?

Vietnam – One of the most fastest-growing economies in the world with 7.08% GDP growth in 2018. This year, it records a 95 million young population, represents the future potential of the country. According to a new report released at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi both named in the top 10 cities that have successfully embraced technological change for growth. Amongst the many languages, English is now the widest used language in business (Vietnam ranks 7th over 21 countries in Asia). With its favorable & competitive landscape, Foreign direct investment into Vietnam rose by nearly 7 percent year-on-year to USD 10.55 billion in January to July 2019 in manufacturing, hospitality, consumer goods, and varied industries.

Engineering Resources

There is a trend that it has been getting more and more companies from Japan entering Danang (and Vietnam) in the past 3 years. In the current labor market, Japanese companies are dominant as Japan desperately short of IT professionals; Vietnam has many. Vietnam is targetting to have 1.000.000 people working in IT and Telecom industry by 2020.

Similar Initiatives between two Countries

There are always the same ideas between different ‘heads’ in the world where we are facing common challenges with the weather changes, transportation, traffic jams, smart cities, and population growth. With our initiatives of finding similar projects to collaborate, this will help each other to exchange our experience.

Funding great Start-ups with great ideas

Japan is also famous for funding start-ups and is having a good focus on the development for the future; especially to see this world flat as global citizens.

DataHouse is proud to strengthen this collaboration.

Although we have been recently founded at the beginning of this year, we have the knowledge of this software engineering services for 15+ years with a mission to realize the dreams of our partners with Technology. We open for any future collaborations with our partners not only from Japan but any global companies for win-win and long-term journeys. One of our current tactics is to partner with a Japanese software engineering company of this year. We are still in the process of finding a good partner.

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