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Smart city and e-Government Seminar at a glance

Under the theme “Case Studies, Latest Technology Trends of Intelligent e-Government, and Smart City System”, the technology seminar focuses discussions on issues Danang Government should focus on including optimizing traffic flows in real-time, reducing energy consumption, using predictive policing, detecting alterations in air and water quality, automating waste management, and allowing cities to function more efficiently. These can be achieved with the adoption of modern technological solutions, especially the applications of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT) and big data (Big Data) which are South Korean’s specializations.

Technology seminar

In his opening remarks, Vice Director of ICT Danang Tran Ngoc Thach hailed Danang’s recent achievements in improving its business environment and technological development. ” To date, Da Nang has achieved some significant results in implementing E-government and initially built a smart city. Da Nang city has 11 years in leading the IT readiness and application indexes, the Electronic Government Award by WeGO in 2014 and The Smart City Award by the Asia-Oceania Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) in 2019″

From Korea’s perspective, there is not a large gap in Smart Cities between Danang and Seoul. Once the smart city development is completed In Danang by 2030, the smart city in Danang would be as competitive as other top cities in the field.  If smart city systems of Seoul such as the “Smart City Platform” can be shared for the development in Danang, the development of Danang can be much stabler reducing some amount of trials and errors. 

The seminar drew the participation of over 50 delegates, including about 30 both international delegates, senior leaders of the government and leaders of leading enterprises, technology corporations of Danang as well as 20 Korean IT companies and technological experts. This offers a great opportunity to gain mutual learning and valuable insights from Korean experts on new models and solutions, contributing to the development of building Danang as a smart city.

Smart parking

As an IT enterprise in Danang, CEO of DataHouse – Huy Nguyen has shared about Smart Parking.


The number of vehicles on the road is rapidly outpacing the supply of available parking spots and parking has become a widespread issue in urban development. This problem can be mitigated by the introduction of smart parking by individually matching drivers to parking spots. Therefore, this innovative solution plays a critical role in improving parking space utilization, reducing management costs, and alleviating traffic congestion.

Thanks to local TV news, Danang TV came to the event and captured some of the moments of the event:

We hope the seminar has created a bridge between Vietnamese-Korean which fosters the connection and cooperation in software development and other business areas in the future together.

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