Smart Ed-Tech Mobile App

An E-learning System with microlearning model 3T: tutorials, tools, and tests

Project Highlight

The platform will be an assortment of most crucial steam-courses for solving the global skilling crisis with the ambition to take over:


Provide personalized learning journeys and a social layer integrated into the whole learning journey


Prove the credibility of the platform


Store the immutable certifications


Motivate learning and enable future investment for children, employees, citizens, etc

After working with programmers for two decades on three continents, I am not sure if I ever had any better cooperation than this. Simply, a super team, an innovative team!

Founder of Smart Ed-Tech Mobile App


Social Impacts

Education is the strongest weapon to change the world and this application is one of the most meaningful projects our team has been working on. By building this mobile learning platform, we could make impacts on the education of millions of people in a fun and efficient way.


• Kotlin
• Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Login, Share • Azure Cognitive Services: Detect and compare human faces
• Firebase: Authentication, Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links, Google Analytics
• Braintree payments, Google payments
• Camera X