School Portal

Improving education department in budgeting and accountability portal with UI/UX consulting

Project Objective

The portal supports the education department in budgeting and accountability by improving user interface and user experience of the existing website using Figma design tool.


Project Scope

Firstly, from the existing database, we created a style library including color schemes, typography, and brand identity plan to make a consistent and synchronized appearance for the entire product.
Besides creating the general style, we also set up a new interface for the product which enhances user-friendliness and allows users to interact with the system faster and more conveniently.

Project Scope

In the budgeting branch, the development team has automated the process of allocating, requesting, reporting, and approving the education budget. This improvement effectively supports internal users on their tasks such as Project Manager, Budgeting Specialist, Assistant Superintendent, etc.

Besides, we also made it is easy to find information about educational assessment and accountability information for teachers, administrators, parents, policymakers, and the community.