Smart Parking

A meeting point between AI, edge computing, and mobility that allows users to list and book private parking spaces in driveways, carports with a brand-new payment and identification saving them minutes on every travel

About the Client

A US-based start-up that creates a parking space rental marketplace where drivers can rent parking spaces direct from their neighbors, local store owners, commercial lots, and event organizers.

Features & Application

Smart Identification: Track the user’s behaviors and link their payment to the device.
Barrier Control: Control who gets in and makes it easy to interact with high secure gates.
Session Management: Easily track the vehicle, the car, and the payment history in real-time
Parking Operator Experience: Know your sales today, tomorrow, and estimates for next week. Predictive AI.
Communication: Push deals and stay connected.
Parking Densification: Occupancy is a lot easier to control with real-time data, messaging, and staying connected with clients.

Social Impacts

From the taxi driver to the daily commuter or the parking company – the application offers a frictionless user experience that fits all lifestyles. Greater efficiency equates to lower costs operating costs, we could increase vehicle arrivals in parking lots without increasing traffic.