Insurance Client Portal

A portal for a leading provider of Workers’
Compensation insurance in Hawaii

Project Objective

To improve customer experience by redesigning their UI/UX and implementing it for the broker portal. Besides, the broker portal needs to be investigated and fixed the issues in the current portal Fix all issues of the portal.

About the Client

Looking to evaluate the viability of using Amazon Web Services as its next-generation data platform. Currently, this system maintains a large (approximately 300 TB) data ecosystem around its TAP card, and the volume is expected to grow to over 500 TB soon. Built primarily on Oracle infrastructure, this ecosystem has demonstrated signals when it reaches the upper limit of its capacity to handle the data volumes and transformations required for the every-day business.

Project Outcome

The new website had a great user interface with a clean, balanced, and professional look that fulfills the client’s expectations and calls people to take action. Our way of working and provided documents were also highly appreciated by the Insurance Client Portal


• Project management: Jira, Confluence
• Communication Channels: MS Teams
• Technologies: Salesforce
• Front-end: Lightning Web Components
• Back-end: Apex, SOQL
• Deployment: Pakages Manual, Change Sets
• UX/UI Design Tool: Figma, QuickSight