Real-time Educational Platform

An educational platform applied game elements to learning tasks that make them more fun and engaging for students of all ages.

Project Objectives

A FREE educational platform for students from grades 10 to 12 in Vietnam.

XAGOe is the first real-time knowledge arena in Vietnam which provides a new, natural, exciting, and remarkable way of learning.


Play, connect and interact with friends and other students in Vietnam​


Pratice education quizzes in real-time


Relieve stress & be filled with excitement of their study

Project Highlights

  • XAGOe allows students to compete with others using XAGOe Coins, leader-board ranking, power-up level system, and a rewarding system to bring more excitement to the students.
  • This platform enables users to create challengles with their favorite subject and choose duration, customize levels of difficulty, and invite friends to take up their challenges.
  • XAGOe waiting rooms are available so users can send messages and have some discussion before starting their challenges. 


We are applying Lean and Agile in our development approach by focusing on a small set of features that we are considering to be the keys to our XAGOe application.


Add game elements to education to help students gain knowledge through intellectual and fun challenges


Power-Up Theory

Introduce badge levels for the students to step up on their knowledge by unblocking the next knowledge levels

AI Recommendation

Use ages and preferences of subjects to develop an AI Recommendation System which provides users suitable challenges and questions


Allow students to compete with their friends in real-time and make them feel like they are playing games together

Social impacts

Over 3 million children in Vietnam are in need of mental health support. Pressure related to school performance is one of the causes of children’s anxiety and depression. XAGOe grows students’ happiness with learning.

Provide 23 million Vietnamese students with an interactive and fun educational platform, which allows them to study more proactively and boost up excitement and efficency. Hence, help to reduce mental health crisis in Vietnamese students.