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People around the world are using these mobile apps to fight COVID-19

The novel coronavirus is a global health crisis, and the ways countries worldwide are attempting to stymie the disease’s outbreak with the application of technologies are wide-ranging.

Health Code – China

A smartphone app that segments people into three categories — green, yellow or red — based on their medical conditions and travel history.

People using the health code are assigned a QR code along with a color rankinggreen means the user is free to travel, while yellow or red means they must be quarantined. The code is based in part on people’s answers to an in-app questionnaire, but little else is known about how people are classified, leading to confusion and fear among those who receive a red code

Corona 100m – South Korea

The installs are increasing about 20,000 every hour, which has been installed more than one million times since its February 11 launch

Bae Won-Seok, the developer of the app

An app that shows the date that a coronavirus patient was confirmed to have been infected, along with the individual’s nationality, gender, age, and location history.

More importantly, the app also allows users to track their proximity to infected coronavirus individuals and sends them an alert when they come within 100 meters of a location previously visited by an infected patient.

Corona Map – South Korea

The second most downloaded mobile app on Google’s app marketplace this week which maps the exact locations where each confirmed patient has visited using different colors.

The app shows the travel histories of confirmed COVID-19 patients and aims to function “as a search engine” for information on coronavirus-hit areas.

Lee Jun-young, the developer of Corona Map, said he made his app because he found the government data hard to understand. Although health officials release locations that show where coronavirus patients have been, the official information isn’t very visual.

NCOVI – Vietnam

Vietnam launches the health app to manage COVID-19. Data collected through the app will help the nation’s health sector efficiently identify those who need medical assistance urgently.

Users can perform various functions through the app, including declaring personal risk factors, filling out the universal health declaration form, health tracking, reporting information on suspected cases, viewing Vietnam’s epidemic map, and reading official updates on the epidemic.

With this app, Vietnamese citizens can install it on their mobile phones and then provide their personal information as requested. After installation completed, citizens can update their daily health status and they can also provide information to the best of their knowledge about cases suspected of having the COVID-19 in their residential areas.


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