Life At DataHouse Asia

Our Annual Summer Trip

What have you been spending time for your summer?

4 is our granted extra family days annually for our DataHouse team. On top of annual holidays, they can spend more quality time with their loved ones. We believe having a better work-life balance results happier employees as well as healthy bodies leading to positive minds. In the end, our partners (clients) will benefit from this. Let us know if you don’t agree! 🙂

1 united team spending a-weekend-together (after the previous party of projects celebration and the previous weekend-together of our #100 days) after discussing different options (as we respect the different preferences of our team members). We have finally decided to go on an adventure: camping, team-building and having fun. These were our memories of the weekend gathering:

As when we get back, we will keep our life busy again with our family activities and professional responsibilities at work. In addition, we are also working on expanding our office preparing our future growth and also a part of our #CSR to support great start-up founders; don’t hesitate to check what we can offer at: Space19. We hope to receive continued support from our clients, our partners and many of you out there for our upcoming ambitious plan.

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