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Our 300-day Celebration

15,000 working hours

We spent the last weekend to celebrate this remarkable milestone which marks our growth from zero to a team of almost 30 dedicated members. This is the chance for us to appreciate team effort in getting many projects done and ready for challenging projects ahead.

This time, our peaceful getaway is  Naman Retreat which is located in Da Nang only 2.6 miles from Non Nuoc Hamlet and Non Nuoc Beach. 

Fun is a part of our DNA

Let us introduce our squads who did a great job on the trip preparation! Name of each group was named after our company values: SMART, KFC and HELP.

The outing was a great opportunity for all member to have fun participating in a fun game call “Draw your mate” that requires a tad of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Draw Your Mate

Building Your Tower

 The spotlight of the trip are the team performance when we were already full with fine food, enjoyed fun games together


The trip remains an unforgettable memory for all DataHouse team

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