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Embarking on a new journey at the 3.0 Office of DataHouse Asia

Over the past year, DataHouse Asia has undergone many changes. As a natural step of growth, we continue to expand. In the middle of last year, we shared our sweet 2.0 office blog (you can find it here).

Although 2020 has been a challenging year for the world, also for us, it has been a tremendously exciting period of growth for DataHouse Asia, and as we sit here today ready to embark on the next chapter in our journey, the one word that comes to mind is the New-Office-Moving day.

To more than 50 members in November 2020

One day back there in the old days when the team realized that space was getting tight while making the dream products come true. The technology industry was full of delightful and mysterious dreams, then we know it’s time for relocating for unlimited opportunities.

Therefore we settled down after months of preparation, and 3 days 4 nights of moving. So today you finally can find the DataHouse Asia team at 7th floor 78-80 Lot. 30/4 Road, Danang city, Vietnam.

We are now so happy to announce that we have moved to our 3.0 office towards the end of 2020! Thanks to the team for working so hard during this period. Also, thanks to our clients, and partners for always trusting in our inner values, we feel already the energy to taking part in the expanding missions.

So what’s new in our 3.0 Office? Let get into it.

Guess you are ready to see what the whole team have in their first steps of this new journey!

Let’s discover every single corners at our new oasis!

The first thing to do after every meeting is smiling. Give light and the DataHouse Asia team will find the way!

1. Meeting room: By adding more meeting rooms, now we can re-call our 6 sunny rooms based on our core values such as Kindness, Dream Releasing, Courage, Passion for Excellence, One-Team Spirit, and Build to Last.

2. Open-concept space: Our other reason-to-be is to create opportunities for a large community of talents. From the TechGen Software Engineer Internship Program interns’ perspective, they can feel how do we transmit to them the spirit of audacity and our culture to make a difference. More than ever, they love open-concept offices at the new house.

TechGen Software Engineer Internship Program at DataHouse Asia

3. Tea Room: Our desire is to create enjoyable jobs and lives for everyone such as a friendly working environment (games room, tea room, etc.) and we still provide regular tea-break.

4. Others: As always, DataHouse Asia reimagines the role of our office in creating safe, productive for the whole team. Indeed, we have acquired new furniture, a new water filter, more greenery, and bookshelves for this office! More and more, we are making here a great place.

Here come the holidays, the big events and the next year there will be some changes. So would you like to grab a cup of hot tea at the office 3.0 and hear more about our new journey?

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