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.NET6 Released: Top features in the new .NET Version

Great news for .NET developers and technology enthusiasts! 

“Welcome to .NET 6,” Lander said. “It is another huge .NET release, with near-equal servings of performance, functionality, usability, and security improvements. We hope you find many improvements that end up making you more efficient and capable in your everyday development and increase performance or reduce the costs of your apps in production. We’ve already started hearing good things from those among you who have already started to use .NET 6.” 

With the new version of .NET after the .NET 5 release, the version was officially launched as the first of two release candidate publications of .NET 6 and it will be supported for three years. Developers already have started upgrading applications to it, Microsoft said. 

.NET 6 Highlights:
  • File IO now has support for symbolic links and has greatly improved performance with a re-written-from-scratch FileStream. 
  • Security has been improved with support for OpenSSL 3, the ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption scheme, and runtime defense-in-depth mitigations, specifically W^X and CET
  • Single-file apps (extraction-free) can be published for Linux, macOS, and Windows (previously only Linux). 
  • IL trimming is now more capable and effective, with new warnings and analyzers to ensure correct final results. 
  • Source generators and analyzers have been added that help you produce better, safer, and higher performance code. 
  • Source build enables organizations like Red Hat to build .NET from source and offer their own builds to their users. 

Sourced from Microsoft 

NET 6 is also supported with Visual Studio 2022, Visual Studio 2022 for Mac, but not Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac 8 or MSBuild 16. Mac users should use the latest Visual Studio 2022 for Mac preview. 

This version is set to deliver improvements for cloud, desktop, and mobile apps. It will integrate capabilities for Android, iOS, and macOS that currently reside in the Xamarin open-source mobile .NET platform.  

See the ASP.NET Core post for what’s new for web scenarios. .NET 6 is ready for your app.

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