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National Reportage: Exporting software engineering services during Covid-19 pandemic

It’s a great honor for us to have the second visit of VTV8 – The National television broadcaster of Vietnam. The reportage is mainly about how Software consulting firms weather the Coronavirus storm. We had a short warm interview about the Covid-19’s impact on software companies and how DataHouse Asia has put great efforts to release software products in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Reach out to one of the successful deliveries – the First SaaS Product: 

Resilience to weather the storm

The pandemic has been devastating on economies around the world it has created newfound opportunities for some industries, especially for the technology industry. In fact, Software Industry does well despite COVID-19 since most technology companies strive to maintain the growth of precious contract deals with global clients. 

Facing with the challenge of working from home

The pandemic is revolutionizing the workplace. Keeping remote members feeling connected is critical to our team. Discover more about how we stay positive in the times of Covid-19 via DataHouse Asia Youtube Channel

How do you like our team spirit while working remotely? Do you have any useful tips for distant workers? Please share with us!

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