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Multiverse Football League – Fierce Fights Among DataHouse Asia’s Avengers

The month of June kicked off with many activities at DataHouse Asia and one of the highlights was the fun we all shared on the football pitch recently. Our ‘Multiverse Football League‘ started with much-anticipated excitement.

The League is comprised of 6 teams coming from Headquarters, 2 Development Centers, and our new Training Academy, all of whom brought their best efforts to the games.

One of the most exciting matches in this event was the one among the ‘Women Avengers’. These ladies may be elegant in appearance at the office but they brought their fierce competitive spirit onto the football pitch. They were an excellent example of strength in unity. Meanwhile the ‘Men Avengers’ team had to dig deep as they had to contend with some not so serious injuries during their games. 

Thanks to the fantastic performances of our ‘Avengers’ teams and the enthusiasm of our cheerleaders, the ‘Multiverse Football League‘ went on successfully and we managed to build on the success of our united company culture.  

Expect to see more fun outdoor activities where everyone in this company will have opportunities to make deeper connections, relax after work and create happy memories to last a lifetime.