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Mid-year Performance Review and Congrats to Our Colleagues

In July 2020 we successfully conducted all evaluation meetings for all eligible members to recognize their achievements and catch up with their future development plan.

Dedicated in people-centered development, mid-year reviews are one of the key moments where employees and their caring managers get to reevaluate goals and performance, while still having time to make changes and improvements. In addition, the reason why we decided to keep the mid-year check-in is also that we want to maintain engaging and motivating our hard-working members as this review takes on another layer of coaching and employee development. It’s an opportunity to give constructive feedback and direction to ensure our members are on the right track to achieve our common goals and their own development. We are proud to say DataHouse Asia-ers have been great and supportive colleagues to work with and they surely deserve it.

Congratulations to 4 of our members who had the most outstanding contribution in the past 6 months from the beginning of 2020. Let’s hear they sharing about their journey at DataHouse Asia.

At our organization, there is always room for improvement and development. Employees are encouraged to create their own development plan and their caring managers will base on that to consult, support them and follow up via GFT meetings. Yes, you may wonder what GFT is, it stands for Grow For Tomorrow 😀 You ARE the one to take main responsible for your own growth, and belong side with you, we facilitate our best for you to reach your goal.

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