Trinh Dang

Chief Technology Officer


After graduating from the Danang University of Technology, Trinh started his software and technology career at a European-based company. He practiced the software development process with a high-quality mindset by working with many high-tech giants, FEI, Thermo Fisher Scientific, NIKO, to name a few. He has many years of experience in developing high-quality software projects mainly focused on high-tech domains such as electron microscopy, home automation, image processing, and healthcare. Joining the DataHouse family, Trinh has leveraged his software engineering and architecture skills to not only develop software solutions but also consult the clients to achieve their business goals. As the CTO of DataHouse Technology Vietnam, Trinh is generally responsible for the technologies and competencies of the company.

a "bit" more?

Trinh believes that at least one person in the team, especially the software development team, should wear the black hat who keeps an eye on the risks and remains the quality of the product.

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