Khoa Nguyen

Chief Operations Officer


Khoa has substantial experience building and running the Engineering & Development Center of software companies. Khoa accrued more than ten years of executive experience working with high-tech giants around the world: Hitachi, Niko, FEI, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Albermarle and Bond.

Khoa has strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Engineering – BE focused in Computer Software Engineering from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Information Technology VNU-HCM.

Khoa is skilled in Software Engineering, Software Design, Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Process, Software Delivery Management, IT Helpdesk Management, Internship Management, Human Resource Management & Hiring, People Development & Coaching, and Engineering Management.

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Khoa prefers engaging directly with people in his day-to-day work life, highly interested in who he’ll be working with, as well as how well he’ll get along. He cares and builds skills for young colleagues.

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