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DataHouse Asia Develops New Version for ‘Give & Take’, Nonprofit Application For Danang Government

“Give and Take’ was the result of the joint effort of the Danang officials – Information and Communications department, Sioux High-Tech Software Ltd, and DataHouse Asia Consulting JSC. With the same vision, we together build a more connected and sympathetic community.

Give and Take application

With the mission is to “Inspire good in people through giving”, GIVE and TAKE (CHO và NHẬN) mobile app launched in Da Nang helps its users give away things they no longer use to those in need.

The application has over 3,000 people already downloaded the app since its launch and over 1,000 items have been donated to those in need, including clothes, shoes, electronic devices, books, stationery, toys, appliances, and furniture. 

An old electric rice cooker makes its way into the hands of someone in need thanks to the ‘Give and Take’ app in Da Nang, Vietnam. Photo: Tan Luc

How to give and take items using the application 

To give items: 

– Post and describe the items. 

– Review the request to receive items 

– Confirm (agree / reject) the requests from receivers. 

To take the item: 

– Search for the desired items. 

– Send requests for the items’ givers 

– Confirm (agree/reject) how to receive items. 

We build a sympathetic society 

If you are wondering how to dispose of your unwanted items, here is a way to meaningfully give away things. Instead of dumping all your unwanted stuff at the void deck, why not give it away to someone in need? The Give and Take community includes individuals giving away items such as toys, furniture, books, and more so that it can be re-used. With the application, we hope to keep useable goods out of landfills and in the hands of people in need. 

How DataHouse Asia contribute to this project?

Fun fact: Do you know that father of this project was our founder Huy Nguyen & also the designer of this project from the beginning was DataHouse Asia’s designer – Thao Nguyen?

Since July 2020, DataHouse Asia started improving and maintaining the application: fix existing bugs and develop new features is to make this application more effective and bring better user experience and develop better.

In the future, we hope to extend the app’s scope of operation beyond Da Nang, add the ability for users to report lost property, and develop an extension within the app that residents can use for fundraising. 

What I gave is what many people around me can do, but if we group these little bits and pieces together, the power of giving and sharing is infinite.

Let’s spread this love this us!

For each giving item on “Give and Take” in August 2020, DataHouse Asia will donate 10,000 VND to contribute to the support of Covid-19 anti-epidemic activities in Da Nang in September. This means with 1,000 giving items we will contribute 10 million VND to support people during this time!

In these tough, uncertain, and economy-impacting times, we are proud of still delivering a meaningful project like Give and Take to contribute a humble little part to our society. Not only we – our developers, colleagues but friends, families, and the whole community will use the application to make great impacts.

Huy Nguyen – Managing Partner of DataHouse Asia

As a software development company and IT consultant, we are committed to contributing our best to our homeland, especially in this COVID 19 pandemic. And in the future together with ICT Danang, our goal is to make GIVE and TAKE the most popular application in Vietnam by bringing this meaningful application to other cities, and our next destination is Hai Phong!

Download this application:  

On App Store: Download GIVE and TAKE for iOS

On Play Store: Download GIVE and TAKE for Android



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