Future of Software Development: Top 5 dominating trends for 2021

Every year, software development brings new surprises to developers. Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a significant year for the Software Development industry, with many tangible breakthroughs in many areas. COVID-19 has sped up the digital transformation significantly, and the trend will be more significant in 2021.

“Figuring out what the next big trend is, tells us what we should focus on.” 

Mark Zuckerberg

As a software consulting company, DataHouse Asia has anticipated what is to come and deliver long-term solutions. We will consider the key factors that will mark the future software development trends. Let us dive in!

Processing large amounts of customers’ data, AI enables a great personalization level, showing the customers only the information that is interesting and relevant for them. It utilizes customers’ previous purchases, history of searches, top category pages, number of visits to certain websites, and more.

#Internet_of_Things (IoT)
IoT applications are the latest advancements in the software industry at both the consumer and industry levels. The technology that ties all technologies together will see exponential growth and success in demand across all security and customer service areas. Previously, PWC estimated that over 90% of cars are expected to connect with IoT by 2021, which results in further efficiency in transport, logistics, and supply chains.

#Progressive_Web_App (PWA)
Progressive web apps are different from regular downloaded mobile apps because they fluctuated between mobile apps and web apps. These apps are working with the Service Worker script — that is what any Progressive is based on native app development. Progressive web apps are easy to develop and maintain. Recently, many mobile native app development companies have focused on PWA apps.

Everything indicates that 2020 will be the year when we finally start saying goodbye to mobile sites in favor of progressive web apps (PWAs). It is a website that looks like a native mobile app, although it works in the browser. Instead of developing mobile versions of their websites, PWAs appear to be the perfect solutions for businesses and Internet users. On the one hand, companies can create a PWA much faster and achieve the same benefits as with a mobile app.

#Programming Languages: JavaScript, Python and TypeScript

JavaScript is one of those few renowned languages enjoying a high run and demand in the programming world. It is popular due to its flexibility and adaptability. Moreover, the language is being used for both Front End and Back End Development. Additionally, it is compatible with some prominent frameworks like React, Vue, Node, etc., making it more preferable among developers.

Some of the renowned companies in the tech world using JavaScript are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Uber. DataHouse Asia is no different; JavaScript is enjoying the top position among all programming languages.

Source: Github surveys 2021

One of the major trends in software development this year is the increasing popularity of Python as a back-end programming language. Many companies are choosing it because of its clean syntax and the abundance of development tools. The top notable companies giving preference to Python are Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

TypeScript is easier to maintain than JavaScript due to its type of safety features and has become the go-to language for greenfield, scalable frontend applications. With every update (it is now up to 4.0), it adds new features that developers find insanely useful.

#Motion UI

The trend revolves around minimalistic designs with exciting features integrated to catch the user’s eyes. Motion UI is one of the latest frontend technologies used to liven up the web interface. It is a library with many attractive animations that allow developers to play around and create additionals.

Accordingly, after working with Figma on loads of projects, DataHouse Asia was convinced that Motion UI is beneficial for increasing user engagement, leading to great user experiences and therefore raises the time spent on each website.

To wrap up:

Every year the software development trends change rapidly, and it is expecting that the next year to bring new 2021 trends. The software industry is recently considered one of the most competitive industries because we cannot establish our business without new software implementation. If you are looking to leverage software development services to help your business innovate, evolve, and grow, DataHouse Asia can help you out with that.

At DataHouse Asia, we create production-ready custom software development services to help our partners archive more within their organizations and industries. Get in touch with us today and discuss how we can help you build innovative software solutions for your business.

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