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Future of Mobile App Development

With over 5 billion mobile phone users around the world and 60% of them are using smartphones, mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sectors having more than 178.1 billion downloads. Mobile apps of the future are more than just a mobile-responsive web or apps absorbing existing web-features. These are innovative perspectives that we can look at, to see the capacity of ‘small’ mobile screens can bring to us:

1 Internet of Things / IoT

What can replace physical on-off switches and button? e-buttons connecting to the Internet on mobile apps will help to replace them and the innovation of home sensors make this more trivial to have mobile apps enabling wireless connections for the smart home industry:

Google Home App

2 Cloud-based Apps

Cloud technology has brought a number of advantage: operational cost for back-up and restore of hosting usage, seamless performance, scalable infrastructure, expandable storage, plug-and-play and increased productivity. Mobile apps can also benefit from using Cloud-Technology by fetching the data from the cloud and let the cloud to do the computing (the hard work).

Mobile App Back-end Services

3 Artificial Intelligence / AI

So far, mostly large companies can afford to develop mobile applications with artificial intelligence implemented as it will take lots of efforts (costs) before having the ROI; e.g: Baidu and Google spent between $20 billion to $30 billion on AI in 2016. Nowadays, we can see this has been changing…

AI can be used in many different industries from the financial sector (money transfer, virtual assistants, verbal instructions), to the sectors which would like more personal experience for users (e.g: personal assistant to help tackle everyday tasks is attracting users everywhere; a chatbot to bring answers to questions automatically).

Image result for ai app
Chat bot App

Machine Learning as a subfield of AI is also the future of mobile app development. Some of the examples are Netflix that uses algorithms adapting to user behavior to provide them with personalized content. Tinder, for example, uses machine learning to increase a user’s chances to find a match. Google Maps is making the process of choosing a parking spot easier thanks to machine learning appliance.

4 Blockchain

When speaking about the blockchain, it is so much more than just the technology behind cryptocurrencies. A digital account book of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not only financial transactions but practically everything of value. Blockchain can add value in many ways in which we currently go about our lives and do business.

Block Chain Revolution

The uses of Blockchain are practically endless, from the obvious such as financial and security to manufacturing. It has proven to be something worth implementing to improve the tracking of items, security level, and quality control. You can use it in exchanging market, e-commerce, as a digital wallet, tracking and smart contracting.

When you’re using native mobile apps on the Blockchain, take advantage of specific features of the platform- there’s no need to depend on generic web browsers. Also, you can create an optimized user experience.

5 Wearable Technologies

When it comes to making wearable apps, you must develop apps which the users can “Wear and Don’t Care”. Make your app a one-stop solution for every major issue which the consumers can face.

For building a wearable tech app, it is mandatory to have a clear mind before starting the process. Here, if you want your app to run longer, you must come up with a productive and unique idea.

Related image
Connected App for Wearable Devices

At DataHouse, we are specializing in powering mobile apps for our partners with cross-platform development and native development. If you are interested to know what kinds of apps can bring your business to the next level, we are glad to consult you.

The choice will be yours; to innovate and go with the trend or left behind!

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