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From Concept to Creation: Headquarters in Danang ‘Silicon Valley’

As we announced the very first concept of HQ Construction’s Plan, we have come up with the final Headquarters Construction Plan on the 600 square meters piece of land in Son Tra Area, Danang. It will be known as #Danang_High_Tech_Arena in the upcoming years.

Our expansion team has been working hard on the design and construction to ensure we have a world-class office space, with almost every part of the business having a team there. It will have a great ambiance, plenty of chill-out spaces, and we will even have our very own coffee shop, gym, and spa area. We plan to include all the elements that make Danang so special, to everyone who works with us. 

Why do we have Headquarters ?

We are expanding our office in the South of Vietnam. Our Engineering Director is working on office options and we will soon announce our office over there; with also great news of partnering with one of the great Universities (150 Mil USD invested, western-oriented, high-quality training). Our Headquarters in Danang will lead the strategy and facilitate the growth of our team in the South, together with Hai Chau office and Son Tra office in Danang.

You may note that we have changed our name from DataHouse Asia to DataHouse Technology Vietnam since we are in the process of opening an office in another country. This aims to distinguish our current locations.

Our commitment is to provide a continued better workplace as we highly have committed to the success of our clients, let us first start with our commitment to our team’s success! Who knows that this area will become our city like Google City.

Build for Collaboration

The walk-in building was designed with a primary goal in mind: to encourage collaboration. With space to accommodate 119-219 employees, we will be able to support our core value of innovation by bringing many of our product and technology employees under one roof.

We’ve created an ideal environment for agile software development, including many open spaces, whole walls of concrete, new high-tech tools including digital whiteboards, speakers and video walls, and other rooms, which will be made to feel like living rooms where large groups of employees can come together.

Ways to Recharge and Replenish

With fun as a part of core values, we wanted to create an environment that supports everyone’s need to take breaks from work. Employees can meet or relax while surrounded by indoor trees in our generous open spaces. There are spaces for non-working activities like wellbeing rooms, cafeteria, dining areas for lunch and breakfast, training and workshop rooms, walking areas on our rooftops. and more facilities will come soon.

Working and Living in accordance with Nature

At Datahouse Technology Vietnam, we’re passionate about the environment and are committed to doing our part to reduce humankind’s carbon footprint. In support of this, the non-elevator buildings are covered by green layers and connected by 2 bridges. Our working days will be an almost daily practice of interacting with trees, whether it’s just looking out the office window or taking a short stroll down the block to visit the cafeteria.

These are the results of our extremely hard work, dedication, trust, and commitment in less than 1000 days from 19/01/2019 till 19/09/2021. A lot of failures, mistakes, lessons learned, including rewarding victories and achievements, I am so grateful for having our team with their continued support and trust in me for making the future together!

Mr. Huy Nguyen, Managing Partner, DataHouse Asia

The last question is why are we doing this? The answer is because it is not easy as this is hard, very hard! this challenges us as individuals and as a team. This also creates new business games to measure our potential, our ability, and also generate new opportunities for our team (especially managers and leaders) for our ongoing personal development.

We are excited for our DataHouse Technology Vietnam Headquarters will be ready in 2022.

The 2nd design concept of Headquarters by Ho Khue Architects

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