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Exciting News of our HQ Construction’s Plan

We are delighted to announce that we have bought a 600 square metres piece of land in preparation for creating our Headquarters in Danang next year. It will be known as Danang High-Tech Arena.

Despite many of our employees working from home at this time, we view our Danang High Tech Arena – DataHouse Asia Headquarters (HQ) as a long-term investment. We’ve designed a workspace for our employees that will prioritize areas for collaboration, natural light, and promise constant interaction with nature. We hope that the blend of architectural and ecological elements used in the design of Danang High Tech Arena will inspire those who work here.

Our expansion team is working hard on the design and construction to ensure we have a world-class office space, with almost every part of the business having a team there. It will have a great ambiance, plenty of chill-out spaces, and we will even have our very own coffee shop, gym and spa area. We plan to include all the elements that make Danang so special, to everyone who works with us. 

Office Expansion

At the same time as the development of the Headquarters expansion plan, we intend to open an additional Development Center at the beginning of June 2021. This plan has been in development for several months and we are excited to be able to bring you a fantastic extension to our office soon. It will include the much-needed space and facilities to our growing and much-valued team.

“This means we will have 2 offices in Danang – one which will remain in the city center (30/4 street) and the new one, located at the coast side (Nguyen Huu An street). Our additional office will be right next to our new Headquarters. It also allows us to deploy our Company Culture – remaining engaged & fun, having the focus on competencies and maintaining our commitment to people development & project deliveries.”

said Mr. Huy Nguyen, Managing Partner, DataHouse Asia.

A great space for great people!

Let’s have a look back at our office renovation in the last 2 years.

19.02.2019 – Office 1.0

19.11.2019 – Office 2.0

14.12.2020 – Office 3.0

We look forward to celebrating The Grand Opening of the new additional office 4.0 of DataHouse Asia this summer and excited for our DataHouse Asia Headquarters will be ready in 2022.

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Find out more about the journey of our office expansion here:

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