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Epic Battles at DHA Ping-pong Tournament.

Someone once said: “Better late than ugly” as a saying indicates how physical activities impact positively significantly on your appearance.  Taking this motto into account, we DataHouse-ers understand the crucial roles of exercise and sport in our daily lives. As such, not only sport can bring joy to the team, train you up to have a resilient mindset, it also helps transforming your sit-long-in-office body into a better configuration. On top of that, playing team sport also helps create teamwork spirit, build up the bonds among company employees and promote friendship as well as loyalty. 

Hence, from April 8th to May 10th 2019, here at DataHouse HQ Da Nang held our very first pingpong tournament. Through the extra activities, we hope to connect everyone in the team, having fun together, stay healthy together and most of all, being “đẹp” together. 

We had 8 teams altogether joining the tournament namely:


Throughout the 32 matches and 1332 scores of the tournament, we finally found our champions: Nhat and Na. They have spared no effort in winning the tournament. The couple have fought well along side each other against all odds, especially the match versus Trinh and Loc. It was an intense one from start to the end with the total score of up to 100. We again send our profound congratulations to the couple.

Despite the muggy weather in Danang, throughout the period of the tournament, our heroes have been so sturdy and fight till the end with an utmost sport spirit. Let’s next send our felicitations to team Ly and Thao, who achieved the runner-up prize of the tournament. 

Our runner-up team Thao and Ly

Through sticks and stones to left their mark at third place are our two happy boys An and Than.

And to everybody else who have taken parts in the tournament, you guys were absolutely warriors. You know what is the most important thing; despite all the sweat, the heat and the disappointment, we did have fun. We laughed and through that we grown together. 

Now, let’s take a look at some photos during the tournament. 

Even though the tournament has come to an end, the team still practice everyday during our lunch break. What’s next?

DataHouse is glad to participate in the DSC Championship in Danang. Please stay tune guys!!!  

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