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DSC Event 2020: Why our sport team’s culture matters

Da Nang Software Company Championship (DSC) is a sports playground among software businesses in Da Nang City, co-organized by Axon Active Vietnam Company, Agility IO Company, and DataHouse Asia Consulting Joint Stock Company

We are proud to be the organizer of a tournament which brought a healthy, useful playing field; to enhance the spirit of solidarity among software companies.


After four years, DSC has received the participation of over 30 soccer teams representing their companies in Da Nang. However, this year became more challenging than ever due to the Covid 19 and continuous natural disasters.

Although the match had to be delayed many times, the tournament finally found the championship trophy owner. Let’s give a round of applause to AGILITY IO for overcoming many heavyweights to win the 2020 championship trophy.

Besides, please pay recognition to all other players, especially the warriors of Data house Asia, who tried their best. We are well aware that sport culture is a significant performance factor. If we have a “right” culture, our team is likely to achieve sustainable success- not always winning, but always being hunt.

DSC Championship helps our employees to show the best version of themselves and share their strengths. It brings people together; they’ve all got something in common. We’re so happy to see the enthusiasm for them. It affords our team opportunities to participate in community life. 

At DataHouse Asia, we attempt to learn more about each other. By being a part of the football team, we increase mutual trust among team members and improve team cohesiveness, which is a dynamic process that reflects the tendency of the group of people to bond and remain united in their search for common goals and objectives. 

DataHouse Asia has realized the crucial role of physical exercise in our workforce’s health and thus in the profitability of the company. For now, we are waiting for the next tournament. DataHouse Asia is always seeking for active players to join us.

Together, we will become the champions of DSC. Together, we design a future of wealth tech!

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