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DataHouse Asia leaders inspire the young generation

Now, thanks to globalization, digital technology, automation and connectivity, the next generation had fears around technology’s impact on jobs continue to grow as innovations have the potential to change the employment landscape.

Although millions of jobs could be lost as a result of new technologies, millions of jobs will also be created.

Hence, DataHouse Asia contributed to the labor market by offering huge opportunities for those who are seeking new and flexible ways of working, better services and more inclusivity.

One of our Corporate social responsibilities is creating opportunities for young people: train and grow with them. With the focus on training, our TechGen – Software Engineering Internship Program gives the interns real-life experience of the field they hope to embark on their careers. And, continuous opportunities to become official employees. Read more our TechGen Program:

Up to the present, DataHouse Asia has over 10 years of software development industry experience. Therefore, we have the confidence to lead the youngest people shortly.

One of DataHouse Asia’s managers engage people and keeps the shared meaningful purpose alive to the young people.

Recently, our Founder/Manager, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Huy had an exclusive interview with Nuffic Neso to share his story “The 10-year journey in the Netherlands and his commitment to developing software which is “Made in Vietnam” and “Made for Vietnam” in a project “HOI! WE ARE HOLLAND ALUMNI”. According to the event, Nuffic Neso honourably presented 7 prominent representatives of the Holland Alumni network, coming from the North – Central – South regions. Each story is an earnest sharing of Holland alumni about their progress of studying and growing after graduating from Dutch universities to inspire the young generation.

Through the Neso Vietnam event, some people may get inspired that everyone has their part to play. Additionally, at DataHouse Asia, we committed that all of the ideas are not only heard but valued, too. Whatever the coming up project, each member of DataHouse Asia will make a tangible difference by turning values into action. By embracing diversity, sustainability, innovation and well-being in the workplace, the team will lay the groundwork for the young generation to achieve great things!  

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