We can provide dedicated resources that scale up and down with your business, along with the strategic support to help you predict those needs

On-Site Dedicated Team

A one-person or full team at your location, we can fit your technology needs. Our team can work onsite at your location in the US, Europe, Singapore, and Australia) to make your projects possible and deliverable.

Offshore Dedicated Team

Our team formation is fast, flexible, and adjusted to accommodate changing requirements and other needs. We can provide dedicated resources that scale up and down with your business, along with the strategic support to help you predict those needs.

Which engineering activities can we help?

Functional Requirements
Functional Requirements

Our business analysts interview your needs by asking relevant questions and document your requirements into the backlog.

Pixel-Perfect Design
Pixel-Perfect Design

It is getting more important on any software packages where the user experience and interface become crucial. We're here to visualize your product with a wire-frame.

Project Management
Project Management

Coordinating and managing projects is a part of our total delivery package.

QA & Testing
QA & Testing

We offer both manual and automation testing to ensure high-quality software packages.

Minimum Viable Product
Minimum Viable Product

You have great ideas and we can help you to realize your dreams by technology.

Web Development
Web Development

We have expertise in developing web apps with JavaScript, HTML5, ReactJs, AngularJS, and VueJs. We provide both front-end and back-end development services.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

We can help you both with the native development approach (Android and iOS) and cross-platform (Xamarin and React Native).

Enterprise Software Development
Enterprise Software Development

We custom and build new enterprise solutions that elevate your business to the next level with powerful platforms (Adobe, Salesforce, Tableau, AWS).

Management Tools We Work With

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a refund?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a refund policy when we have successfully delivered your projects.

Can I have a quote for free of charge?

Yes, we provide the quote for FREE. The cost depends on many things: project scope, time spent on the project and technological issues. 

How long will it take for my contract?

It depends on your project. After having a deep understanding of the complexity and requirements of your project, we can provide preliminary cost details and a timeline. The timeline is always a range since extenuating circumstances can modify the delivery schedule. However, it usually varies from 3 months to 3 years.

Can I choose the technology?

All of our developers have advanced certifications and years of software development experience in an array of primary languages and frameworks. This allows us to consult all available options when choosing the best technology platforms for your software project.

Do I have a warranty for my contract?

We will fix issues for your mobile app for free of charge within 1 year after the contract signed.

How do you perform testing?

We do both manual testing and automation testing for your products on different platforms, different devices and also at different time zones.

Can I try your service for free?

We are sorry to say no because Free means no guarantee of quality.

Can I start small?

Of course, we usually advise our clients to start with analyzing requirements and designing your product wireframes first.

How can you make sure the quality for me?

We are very proud to have a devoted team of testers. They work tirelessly to ensure that your software project is a total success.
We often set up a clear set of expectations about Quality measurement from our client, get your frequent feedback, and strictly monitor the quality during the project execution.