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DataHouse Asia Virtual Open Day at a glance!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, to adapt to the ever-changing situation around us, DataHouse Asia organized an online event that is called “DataHouse Asia Virtual Open Day ” last week on August, 28th 2020.

Created for software engineers and everyone in the IT community who want to know more about us, our first DataHouse Asia Virtual Open Day has received the participation of 35 attendees. We together went through a 90-minute online session with the agenda as following:

Started with a virtual office tour, we would like to show people not purely in-house facilities, but why they are there. Why do we have a soccer table and employees’ portraits? They are indicators for our internal engaging activities, as Fun is A Part of Our DNA 😉

Virtual office tour

Attendees feel excited with the office tour of DataHouse Asia

We’re on the 19th floor of a building with nice city view. The soccer table is where we have fight-to-death competitions after long hours of coding. One of our precious decoration pieces is Member portraits, and they are absolutely handmade.

At DataHouse Asia, we never stop learning. Wall of Fame is the place where we hang certificates which our members have achieved. 

In addition, we have free café and tea in the cafeteria. Our tea-break happens every day at 3:30, where we have snacks, fruit, and chit-chatting time with our coworkers. 

Heart for People and Head for Technologies

Brought by Huy Nguyen and Thao Thai, their sharing filled us with insightful information about DataHouse Asia: from our projects to technology, who we are, our culture and especially, how we lead and inspire DataHouse Asia team in the era of uncertainty -COVID.

Some highlights:

  • Why DataHouse Asia was founded – We believe technology can help make the world a better place!
  • We do software consulting service and also product development: to develop software products for the Vietnamese.
  • Products and projects sharing: Airbnb parking slots, XAGOe, Give and Take and NO Covid-19 application.
  • How we lead our team through this COVID pandemic.

Q: Are we an outsourcing firm or consulting firm?

A: At DataHouse Asia, we do consulting service which means based on the ideas and vision of the clients, we consult them about the architech, technologies and afterthat we do the implementation. We outline the technological solutions for clients while in outsoursing, you’re only hired to build and implement their products. Besides, DataHouse Asia has its own products for Vietnamese: XAGOe, and Give and Take.

Q: Who are we looking for, the requirements?

A: Culture fit (attitude and behaviors), English communication (as English is the language of international communication and we are also targeting at the clients’ locations speaking English) and Technical skills.

Q: How many rounds of interviews will I enroll in?

A: 3 rounds: Matching interview, Technical interview and Job offer meeting. Find out more about DataHouse Asia Talent-Matching Step By Step

During this time, we do the recruitment online.

Experience on-hand product, XAGOe with game and gifts

After hearing an insider’s view about us, it’s time for a thrilling competition between attendees to have fun together and experience our product. XAGOe is an educational platform, applying gamification and powering with AI recommendation; which allows them to study more proactively and boost up excitement and efficiency.

Developed by DataHouse Asia, the first real-time knowledge arena in Vietnam, XAGOe is not only for students, but it can also be fun for organizations and companies. Find XAGOe interesting? Read more

As a challenge for attendees, in DataHouse Asia Virtual Open Day Game, they will answer a set of questions about us: technology, recruitment and projects. That was a fun part of the event and we received a lot of engagement.

We’re looking for Talents

We love meeting new people, and you never know when we might need someone just like you!”
If you are interested in applying for any jobs at DataHouse Asia, send us your CV, we need more hands!

• Exploring career opportunities with DataHouse Asia here:
• Curious about who we are, meet Our team:
• Follow us on our Facebook ( for future job opportunities and company updates.

Thank you for attending our Virtual Open Day, we hope you found it an informative and enjoyable experience!

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