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Danang Government visited us, collaborating for sustainable innovations!

In recent years, the IT industry in Danang is exploding and attracts international companies to choose Danang as an IT outsourcing destination for high tech solutions. The city is quickly rising in prominence with remarkable growth in the startup index to become a new Silicon Valley of Southeast Asia.

This development paves a way for the development of “Smart City” in Danang and the city has its plan to become a smart city in the next 10 years.

DataHouse Asia as a software company, we want to make our contributions to achieving this ambitious goal. Sharing the same vision, we have had many chances cooperating with the government to organize tẹch events such as Technology Seminar with ICT Danang and the Seoul Government in 2019,…

Facilitating Sustainable Innovation through Collaboration

This month, DataHouse Asia warmly welcomed the directors of ICT Danang (the Information and Communication Technologies Department) and 1022 – Danang Public Service Information Portal to establish partnerships and open up opportunities for future collaborations.

Here are some tech projects which are making Danang a smarter, a better place that will be developed by our software engineers in the future:

Feedback Danang

Currently, this application has 14,000 users including 5,000 to 6,000 active users on the mobile platform.

By posting the social issues-related feedback on the app, people will help to solve the problems in the city more promptly and efficiently, the application raises the quality of life. Besides, the app improves the way citizens communicate with the city authority by quickly sending feedback on social issues.

Give and Take

Give and Take (Cho và Nhận) is a non-profit mobile app providing a platform for users to give away with currently 4,000 users with 400 giving items. Da Nang City has the ambition to collaborate with DataHouse Asia to bring Give and Take app to new users in Hai Phong City this year to reduce the use of resources and spread the giving culture.


XAGOe – is the first real-time knowledge arena in Vietnam which provides a new and exciting way of learning. An educational platform applies gamification and powers with AI recommendations developed by DataHouse Asia team.

The great news is 1022 would become our key media partner for XAGOe – Hopefully, we could together help Vietnamese students go extra miles with education!

We are looking forward to closing and successful collaborations with ICT Danang and all software enterprises and organizations around the world for win-win and long-term journeys in the future.

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