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Company anniversary party: Cheers for our One-team spirit!

On 29th January, we together celebrated an incredibly meaningful Anniversary party to mark the 2020 flourishing year of DataHouse Asia and welcome 2021 with new tech possibilities, prosperity, and happiness.

Look at this glamorous dinner party and those pretty smiles!

This very warm dinner is a perfect time for us to wrap up and cheer for all that we have done in the past years. Our night was started with an opening speech from Huy Nguyen – our Servant Leader. He expressed his gratitude for the 02-year journey of Technocom and 01-year of continuously delivering tech solutions with our DataHouse Asia members. Doubly cheering the night, we had DataHouse President – Eddie and our friend Boris sent their dearest messages and wishes from distance.

Following up, Thao Thai – our HR Business Partner, also shared her message of appreciation for the remarkable milestones of DataHouse Asia. All-in-one, the two minutes video was great storytelling of our one-team spirit shared values.

I feel greatful to look back to ourselves at who we are and what we’ve done together from the very beginning days. May the life at DataHouse Asia bring you happiness every day and cultivate our long-lasting solidarity for welcoming upcoming achievements.

Said Thao Thai, Human Resources Business Partner

You know celebrating small wins is our heart of value. On this special occasion, we honored our excellent members in their outstanding performance and dedicated contribution to our company’s success. For great people getting the promotion to the upper ranks, we trust this recognition would continuously fuel your sincerity in the journey of delivering greater goods to the community.

Thanks for bringing your wins to DataHouse Asia, friends!

There are so many ways to enjoy a party, and we chose to do a warm Vietnamese dinner with good beverages, Li Xi (Tet red envelops), and absolutely Tet gifts to bring home. And the whole party atmosphere was excitingly featured with artistic performances from sing, rap, and even flash modes. Let’s have a look at some fantastic moments that night.

Our professional performers 🙂

Dear our beloved members, that night was wonderful with loads of hearty messages and joys, because we have you as our team members. Our opportunities would come with uncertainties this year and maybe forwards, but with your dedication, we believe we will strive and continue making the impossible possible together.

And you, our valued talents, may your 2021 burst with joy, roar with laughter, and full of fun. In case you’re looking for a journey of “Many minds for one”, we’re more than happy to welcome you to our team. Check out opportunities HERE.

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