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The Road to Low-Code

Last weekend, Open Day: The Road to Low-Code event was more successful than expected. It’s such a great chance to obtain a thorough knowledge of Low-Code Platforms, understand the way DataHouse Asia is applying low-code development in real projects, and explore job opportunities at DataHouse Asia. With the presence of two superb women at DataHouse Asia […]

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Mobile DevOps with Gitlab and VS AppCenter

Significance and Background Because of the specific obstacles that mobile development poses for DevOps, not all organizations that employ DevOps use it for mobile apps.  Before DevOps, developers had to create a lot of code, build and install the app, and then submit it to a tester to test it. This cycle took a lot […]

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.NET6 Released: Top features in the new .NET Version

Great news for .NET developers and technology enthusiasts!  “Welcome to .NET 6,” Lander said. “It is another huge .NET release, with near-equal servings of performance, functionality, usability, and security improvements. We hope you find many improvements that end up making you more efficient and capable in your everyday development and increase performance or reduce the […]