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Our AI Advisor Visited Us

Today, we are happy to welcome the visit of our advisor in Artificial Intelligence (AI): Professor B. Merialdo from France. With his help, we gladly have extra hands to support us in bringing values to our partners related to AI and Machine Learning projects. This is also an important preparation for the collaboration opportunity that […]

Business Vibes DataHouse Asia News

We Were On Local TV news

The rapid exchange of cross-border commerce has presented new challenges in payments, paving the way for the development of intelligent payment. As an IT enterprise, it was our great honor to have a small talk about this trend on Danang TV. The Technology seminar was co-hosted by SRPOST CO., LTD – Korea enterprise, and our company, TECHNOCOM. Taking […]

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19/02/2019 – Our Remarkable Day

With the great energy and motivation of a small group of young entrepreneurs, we have built the first steps of a company in-a-week and we have decided to choose the date of 19/02/2019 to be the grand open day of our company history. Building a company with the heart for the people, the passion for […]