Your Future Career

This is not merely a job – we understand it is a part of your career. As you choose to walk with us in our journey, we commit to support you in your personal and career development. Our business cannot become great without great people, right?

  • Unlimited learning budget with no commitment

“Once you stop learning, you start dying,” said Albert Einstein. In DataHouse Asia, we encourage and support you to learn and expand your knowledge once you have the chance. You want to get a certificate? Go for it and try your best!

  • Dynamic assignments based on mutual agreement

Another way to sharpen your skills is to dive headfirst into numerous challenges and projects that will benefit your career. However, you are not forced to work on whichever projects that are assigned to you – your assignments will be matched to our needs and agreed upon by both sides.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the following perks to grow:

  • Opportunities to work in multi cities (DaNang/Binh Duong) and explore US culture in Hawaii
  • Onsite opportunities 
  • Opportunities to use English in the workplace
  • 1-1 English lessons
  • Meaningful and challenging full-cycle software development projects with trend-technology
  • Caring Managers for your career development and happiness at work