Product Marketing Executive

Who we are looking for?

The Product Marketing Executive will play a crucial role in supporting the Product Marketing Manager to develop and execute effective marketing plans for our SaaS and PaaS products, as well as driving our Go-To-Market strategy. This position offers the opportunity to contribute to our goal of growing product visibility and exploring new trends and markets.

What are your responsibilities?

01. Market Analysis

  • Conduct market research and analysis to identify new trends, market opportunities, and customer needs, providing insights to inform product development and marketing strategies for both PaaS and SaaS offerings.
  • Assist in creating and implementing comprehensive Go-To-Market strategies for new product launches, including positioning, messaging, pricing, and promotional activities.
  • Develop and maintain a customer relationship management (CRM) system to effectively target and engage specific audience segments, ensuring personalized and relevant communication.
  • Regularly monitor and analyze the product market, including competitors’ activities, pricing strategies, and customer feedback, recommending adjustments to the marketing strategy as necessary.
  • Conduct ongoing competitor analysis within the US market to identify opportunities for product differentiation, improvement, and new feature development.
  • Analyze market demand for existing and future products in Vietnam and other Asian markets, identifying customer needs, market trends, and potential partnerships to drive business growth.

02. Marketing collaterals

Collaborate with the marketing team to optimize sales materials, product documentation, website content, and presentations, ensuring consistent messaging and brand representation.

Are you fit with these job requirements?


Bachelor’s degree minimum 

Experience & Skills:

Strong proficiency in business English to effectively communicate and collaborate with internal teams, stakeholders, and customers.

Personality traits:

Tasks ownership, presentation skills, Analytical Thinking, creativity, proactivity

Are you excited to explore our perks?

01. Salary & Bonuses

  • Competitive take-home cash together with monthly allowances.
  • Annual performance appraisal and salary review.
  • 13th salary and accountability bonus twice a year based on company/individual performance and profitability.
  • Monthly entertainment/team building allowances & project/team celebrations for certain milestones (applied for project teams and back office).
  • Working tools: laptop and widescreen provided.

02. Life-long Learning & Development

  • Opportunities to work alongside a fun and global team with international/US clients.
  • On-site program to explore various cultures in multi-cities in Vietnam and the US for all levels.
  • Seniority reward from one-year intervals and up.
  • Extensive learning budget along with rewards for any individuals to gain specific certificates as defined.
  • Tons of internal and external training sessions (online learning resources, English, wellness & tech-share workshops).

03. Fun Vibes at Work

  • Weekly cafeteria expenses with coffee beans, kinds of milks, noodles and snacks available at offices.
  • Public holiday gifts and celebrations on Tet, Women’s days, Men’s Day, Children’s Day & Mid-Autumn Day, Programmer’s Day, Teacher/Trainer’s Day, and Christmas Day.
  • Sports activities and clubs.

04. Health & Well-being

  • Statutory insurances contributed based on full salary according to the laws of Vietnam.
  • Annual health-check with an advanced package at a quality medical facility.
  • National coverage healthcare card and seasonal flu shot.
  • 12 annual leaves + 4 family days-off with extra days-off corresponding to employment milestone (after 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18 and 20 years).
  • Company trip once a year and team outing trips.
  • Visiting and caring on some occasions: birthday, marriage, pregnancy and baby shower, university graduation, hospitalization and funeral (for self-employees and direct family members).
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