Golang Developer

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for good Golang DeveloperYou will collaborate with other designers to create compelling and eye-catching images and campaigns to increase our user base. In this role, you should have a mindset of clean-code, software craftsmanship, good English communication skills and your spirit of being a good team player.  

In addition, with your strong logical thinking, proactivity towards possible problems, passion for improving software quality and an open mind for learning, you will be a perfect fit for this job. 

What are your responsibilities?


Implement Docker for smaller-scale applications that require simpler deployments 


Employ Linux Terminal command structures to allow easy back-end operations for less-expert technical staff 


Structure our user interface with React and ensure REST API access is available for enterprise-grade finance customers on-demand 


Collaborate with other technical staff to ensure consistent and smooth DevOps workflows 


Choose and implement other JavaScript libraries that will optimize performance without sacrificing security and base functionality 


Manage multiple projects within reasonable design specifications and budget restrictions 


Implement feedback and changes whenever possible 


Create visualizations that convey accurate messaging for the project 

Are you fit with these job requirements?

  • Portfolio of work with examples that showcase technical skill
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Knowledge of Go templating, common frameworks, and tools
  • Experience working with a team 
  • Provable proficiency in Go programming
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Minium of two years experience working in programming or information technology
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge in Java or Python is recommended

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see any suitable jobs for you?

No worries, you can drop us your resume + tell us what your best is to: career@datahouse.com - We love to meet talents and there will be always chances to collaborate in the future! 

Question to us?

If you have any questions regarding this job, you can dial us on the phone to: (+84) 0777 8765 88 or drop us your message. 

How to apply?

Don't hesitate to 'seal' your seat at this job opportunity by clicking Apply Now button with your most recent CV / Resume or send us an email (as we always love reading your motivation): career@datahouse.com

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