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A Caring, Fun and Dream-releasing Workplace


…  was founded in 1975 in Hawaii, US

… regards English as the main language (99 % English speaking in house and 100% English speaking client base).

… has onshore, nearshore and offshore so the team can travel acrossing.

… has unlimited learning budget to enhance your personal growth and professional development.


In DataHouse Technology Vietnam, we build software, and we also build careers! We do believe that you will do your best when you feel your best. If you’re interested in being a part of a team whose members always put their passion to create excellence and have the built-to-last mindset…

You’ve come to the right place!


Your Future Career

This is not merely a job – we understand it is a part of your career. As you choose to walk with us in our journey, we commit to support you in your personal and career development. Our business cannot become great without great people, right?

  • Unlimited learning budget with no commitment

“Once you stop learning, you start dying,” said Albert Einstein. In DataHouse Asia, we encourage and support you to learn and expand your knowledge once you have the chance. You want to get a certificate? Go for it and try your best!

  • Dynamic assignments based on mutual agreement

Another way to sharpen your skills is to dive headfirst into numerous challenges and projects that will benefit your career. However, you are not forced to work on whichever projects that are assigned to you – your assignments will be matched to our needs and agreed upon by both sides.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the following perks to grow:

  • Opportunities to work in multi cities (DaNang/Binh Duong) and explore US culture in Hawaii
  • Onsite opportunities 
  • Opportunities to use English in the workplace
  • 1-1 English lessons
  • Meaningful and challenging full-cycle software development projects with trend-technology
  • Caring Managers for your career development and happiness at work

Your Health & Wellbeing

We believe one need to be healthy to chase after their dreams, and happiness will boost up productivity.

How do we help to take care of your health?

  • Healthcare package

This package includes annual health check, treatment coverage*, and flu shot. Claiming your money for these purposes is extremely simple; and you will get reimbursed within a working week after submitting invoices and relevant documents.

*Treatment coverage is capped annually and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Please talk to our HR team for more information. 

  • 12 paid annual leaves and one paid family day-off every quarter

On top of the standard 12 annual leaves, you also have one day off every quarter to spend quality time with your family! We call it ‘DataHouse Asia Family Holiday‘.

Besides, after one, three, five, seven years of working with us, you will gain one additional paid day off to your balance.

What about your well-being?

  • Wellness workshops: We gather every two weeks to learn and discuss fascinating topics related to work, culture, interpersonal skills, etc. 
  • Wellness talks: If you are looking for a good listener that you can confide in, come find our Wellness Coach! Yes, we have a Wellness Coach here.
  • Monthly sports activities: We love football and outdoor teambuilding activities, how about you?


Your Job Security

We understand that people need job security – so we fulfill that by signing permanent contracts with our full-time employees. This is the proof of our long-term commitment to the people. You will also receive full salary during your two-month probation.

We also understand the importance of rewards and recognition in motivating our members, and we offer the following perks:

  • Appraisal meetings are conducted twice per year, in which we can provide constructive feedback and follow up with your career goals. This is also a time to negotiate salary for those who earn a raise for good work performance.
  • Outstanding performance bonus is offered to those who go above and beyond in their work.

In addition, we hope that you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • Monthly lunch and gasoline allowances
  • 13th salary
  • Profit-sharing

Your Fun at Work

We work hard, and we play hard! 😉

We would love to celebrate our Members’ Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, and other celebrations, anniversaries, and holidays. These events bring us laughter and help us release work stress; and they also remind us to celebrate small wins on the way to great achievements. 

And like any other strong teams, we will host the following events:

  • Project celebration, where we can have a toast to celebrate small wins and our team efforts
  • Outing trips: twice a year (if the situation allows), which would be a lovely time for outdoor and nature lovers. We have onshore, nearshore and offshore so the team can travel acrossing
  • Annual company trip to enhance team building and member engagement
  • Year-end party and Tet gifts

Other Perks for You

  • Our fridge and kitchen shelves are always full of fruits, snacks, coffee, and tea – feel free to enjoy at any time!
  • Tea break is that time of the working day when you can chill and recharge your battery.
  • A gift for your newborn
  • You know someone who would be a great member for our team? Invite your friends to work with us! We’d love to appreciate you by either a staycation or tech gifts 😉
How to join us

What are we expecting from you?

You are Results-Driven.
You are Results-Driven.

We seek responsible team members who take ownership of their assignments. This helps all of us win as a team.

You Embrace our Culture.
You Embrace our Culture.

We seek team members who share our culture and values. This ensures that we will be together for a long time in this journey.

You are a Remarkable Individual.
You are a Remarkable Individual.

We like to have different personalities and characteristics in our team. This brings different thinking hats to the table.

We're Looking for Talents!

We are proud of our made-in-Vietnam software. This is the vision of our first step, and our second step is to develop smarter techies to serve our land, Vietnam!

As a result, we always welcome talents to join our team and deliver our engineering services worldwide.

Are you a student or a fresh graduate?

We definitely have something for you!
Join us as an intern.

Proud to be one of our family members!

A work-life balance
A work-life balance
Project Manager

Workplace flexibility enables our employees to maintain a good work-life balance. It is important that my team members and I listen to our own needs, and that they are given the chance to manage their time well between work, family, and themselves.
My second home
My second home
Software Engineer

The company opens the door to opportunities and challenges, which of course would push me to work harder. Apart from working together, we connect and have compassion for each other. We share our experiences to learn together.
Embracing cultural diversity
Embracing cultural diversity
Project Manager

We foster a relationship with our partners and potential clients in different US cities, like Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Thanks to such experience, we have the chance to discover various environments and cultures.
Learning through challenging projects
Learning through challenging projects
Senior Software Tester

I get the opportunity to work on a range of assignments and improve myself. It feels great to come up with helpful and sustainable solutions to challenging problems, by brainstorming together with my colleagues.