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Business Analyst Competency Program in DataHouse Asia

This past March 2022, DataHouse Asia organized a Business Analyst Training Series called the ‘Business Analyst Competency Program’. The program included around 20 topics which mainly cover the Technical Skills our current employees need. 

3 Main Technical Skills


Data Modelling, Process Modelling, Business Rules 

Programming Concepts

Front-end, Back-end, Web API/services, Jobs, Platforms 

Requirement Analysis

SRS, Prototypes, Requirement architecture 

Session 1: Change Strategy

The first workshop was about ‘Change Strategy’ and what a BA needs to do before the project starts. It was hosted by Tony Nguyen – our Senior Business Analyst. In this workshop, members learned how a software project is initiated. 

Members also gained deeper knowledge related to what a Business Analyst does. See below: 

  • Enterprise Change Strategy 
  • Change Strategy Analysis frameworks 
  • Case studies 
  • BA Career paths: A suggestion 

Session 2: Elicitation Techniques

The second workshop was hosted by Thu “Ivy” Bui, our Medior Business Analyst, who trained members on Elicitation Techniques. The main content included: 

  • Technique: Interview/Workshop (tips, session formats) 
  • Technique: Brainstorming (tips, session formats) 
  • Technique: QnA (question types, tips, QnA tracking) 

After this workshop, the host also gave each member a Case Study so that they could practice what they had learned.  

In the coming weeks, we anticipate more exciting topics related to the valuable skills that a Business Analyst needs to be successful. If you are interested in our Training Programs, don’t hesitate to join DataHouse Asia where you can improve your skills and learn from other, more experienced members.