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Blink of an eye: Sneak Peek Webinar

Since Covid-19 has severely impacted the way we work and physically interact, DataHouse Asia held an online event dubbed “Sneak Peek Webinar: Virtual tour at DataHouse Asia” last week on 7th August 2021, to adapt to the ever-changing scenario.

We believe that the more you understand the IT company market, the more experience you have to build your strong team. Powered by the joint efforts of Asia and America, DataHouse Asia is a global software development company.

Let’s start with our second DataHouse Asia Virtual tour, which was created for software engineers and anyone in the IT sector who wants to learn more about us, drew more than 70 attendees

Virtual tour in pandemic

We want to show visitors an exclusive tour around 2 of our offices in Hai Chau district and Son Tra district, Danang

Exclusive tour at DataHouse Asia

Deeply sharing from a Servant leader

Brought by Huy Nguyen, his sharing filled us with insightful information about DataHouse Asia: from our projects to technology, who we are, our culture, and especially, how we lead and inspire DataHouse Asia team in the era of uncertainty -COVID.

Time to uncover the career path of a Salesforce developer!

Shout out to a keynote speaker in the webinar, Phuoc Huynh – one of our speakers, who used to be just like many of you! Let’s hear his journey with DataHouse Asia, from being an intern to becoming a developer, his experience working on our projects from the very beginning, and more. Are you curious about what he will share?

Storytelling from Salesforce Developer

After hearing an insider’s perspective on us, it’s Kahoot time for a thrilling competition among guests to have some fun. And we found the owners’ special gifts.

Webinar by the numbers

There were around 70 guesses in attendance coming from most of the IT colleges in Danang and we received more than 80 registration slots in only 4 days. Obviously, most of them extremely enjoyed the webinar with super good feedbacks after the webinar

On top of that, we did end with 10 candidates who joined the paper test on that day. The paper test will be scored and considered as the very first round to become one of the next TechGen – Software Engineering Internship Program

Stay tuned to see our upcoming news from TechGen#4: Software Engineering Internship Program!

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